The Heart Carol

by Luna Jax & WoodLore



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This was a great first collaboration for me. It was a lot of fun to write music not only to my strengths, but to someone else's as well. I love how this song turned out, and the whole thing happened without a hitch. And it's kind of alarming how well Luna Jax and I get along. This is definitely the start of something good.

Luna Jax:
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I love, love, love this song! WoodLore and I have been in talks for a while now and he suggested doing "The Heart Carol" from MLP episode "Hearth's Warming Eve". We were on Skype as I watched him arrange all the parts (with very minimal help from me). It was so cool to see everything come together: first when I sent him a short trial recording to hear how everything sounded together; later when I got all of my parts recorded; and finally, six days later, to finish the mixing. It was a very gratifying experience. Like WoodLore said, "It's kind of alarming how well [we] get along." Be advised, there is much more to come from the two of us. ^-^


The fire of friendship lives in our hearts
As long as it burns we cannot drift apart
Though quarrels arise, their numbers are few
Laughter and song will see us through

Memories of days before us
They teach us of the ways we've come to where we are
Fear not the winding path ahead of us
For when together, we are strong

Memories of those who have passed ahead of us
Their souls live on

We are a circle of pony friends
A circle of friends we'll be to the very end


released December 19, 2014
Original by Daniel Ingram
Adapted by WoodLore
Produced by Luna Jax


all rights reserved



Josh LeVitre (Luna Jax) Salt Lake City, Utah

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